Spirit Ambassadors

Our original seniors:


Benny First
Benny’s rescue day.

Benny came to us at the (estimated) ripe old age of 12, after he was found wandering the streets for what appeared to be weeks. He had several health issues but was still a charmer.

Dubbed Benny Male Model because of his obvious photogenic qualities, Benny soon became the quiet king of the house.

After a several trips to the vet, Benny’s health stabilized, and he spent his final years comfortable, happy, and most importantly, deeply loved.

Happy Benny


In July of 2015, we said goodbye to our sweet Benny, but he lives on in our hearts.






Copper came to live with us at 16-years-old. When Copper’s human was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she asked if we would give Copper a forever home when the time came.

Along with her little brother Sparky, Copper acclimated to life with us in no time. Full of energy and kisses, Copper was the perfect fur-daughter. Despite being a professional bed hog, she was every pet parent’s dream.

Precious Copper lived to the incredible age of 22-years-old. She left an enormous whole in our lives, but we know she now looks over every new senior we bring into the family.



Lily in the shelter.

When we heard that a 14-year-old chihuahua riddled with mammary tumors had been surrendered by her owners to a local shelter, we couldn’t just let the sweet girl spend her final days alone and in discomfort.

Although, she was only given a month or two to live, we knew that was enough time to shower her with a whole lot of love.

A trip to our vet confirmed that they could safely remove her tumors. Unfortunately, they also had to remove all of her remaining teeth due to decay and infection. Newly spruced up, Lily bounced back into youthful exuberance.

Lily at her furever home with us.

At her follow-up appointment a few weeks later, our vet now believed she would certainly outlive her initial two-month prognosis.

Sadly, after nine months with us, Lily developed pyometra (a life-threatening ailment caused by having never been spayed). She underwent emergency surgery, but because of her advanced age and heart issues, it turned out to be just too much for her.

Despite being with us for only a short time, she was loved so tremendously, and we miss her terribly.